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A Manual for Getting Rid of Your Worries


(ピリピ Philippians 4:6)
Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

This famous verse is a complete and comprehensive manual for when we have problems that cause us to worry.

  • 1. 「何も思い煩わないで」 まず思い煩うのはよくないと悟る
    Do not be anxious about anything- Decide not to worry.

Worrying is a rehearsal of the mind to simulate the worst scenario over and over again. To get out that cycle, we must first denounce and decide not to worry about it.

  • 2. 「あらゆる場合に」 状況を把握する
    Face the problem honestly – in every situation !

After deciding not to worry, we must look at the situation with understanding.  We should not deny there is a problem.  We must look at the negative circumstance, whoever is involved, and at your emotional response also.

  • 3. 「感謝をもって」 良い点に注目する
    With thanksgiving – Focus on the good

There must be some good thing even in the midst of challenge.  You might have someone to call for help, God may have provided the money to do something about it, etc. What can you find to be thankful for?

  • 4. 「ささげる」 すべて神様のところに持っていく
    Present your requests to God.- Give all your concern to God.

We have to let it go – let Him take it.  That is when we completely stop worrying.

  • 5. 「祈り」 神様に近づく
    Prayer – Approach God

Come to God the Father who loves you.  Recognize who He is and trust that He can take care of it and give you the right perspective.

  • 6. 「願い事」詳しく具体的に願う
    Petition – Request an answer to a specific need.

Ask God for His will in the situation and pray specifically for His will to be done. Include prayer about what God specifically wants you to do.

  • 7. 「あなたがたの願い事を神に知っていただきなさい」思い煩いに代わる心配事への対処法のまとめ
    In summary, take it all to God – everything!

Work through all that is happening and how you feel in prayer to God. Repent if necessary (more often than not it’s necessary!) Be honest about what you want God to do about it etc.  When all that is done, supernatural peace will come.  You will recognize the peace. Perhaps it will come in words of encouragement from God.  In other words, don’t stop praying till all your worries turn to peaceful hope.

「そうすれば、人のすべての考えにまさる神の平安が、あなたがたの心と思いをキリスト・イエスにあって守ってくれます。 」
(ピリピ Philippians 4:7)  
And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

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