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My shampoo bottle

Have you been so happy and equally sad at the same time?  Well, here is my story.

I have a shampoo bottle that was purchased a few years ago.  It is refillable bottle.  Every month or so, I would refill the bottle with shampoo from a big bag.

I would screw open the nozzle, pour the shampoo into the hole but it was so hard to get all in without spilling. I had to hold the bottle and squeeze the bag at the same time.  I hated the chore.

Then, it happened.  One day, I dropped the bottle, and behold, the whole top came off!  I thought it broke but no, it was supposed to open like that.  I was so happy that my refilling job will be a snap from then on.  I felt terrible that I didn’t know that for 2 years!!

Life can be like that.  We know that God’s grace is there to help us, but we feel like we have to work hard to change ourselves.  And sometimes, even when we pray and try to balance our lives to please God, we just cannot get things quite right.

Then something happens.  We realize that only thing you have to do is open up our hearts wide open, be vulnerable to God and to people.  We realize finally there is a big opening in your heart.

I met Jesus when I was very young.  But for a longest time, I thought Jesus was there only to save me from sin and I have to try to change who I am with my own effort so that I can be a decent human being.

He has shaken my life and I thought I was broken, yet He knew what He was doing.  He helped me see the big opening in my heart so that He can pour in His life in me.

for while bodily training is of some value,
godliness is of value in every way,
as it holds promise for the present life
and also for the life to come.
1 Timothy 4:8 

So my encouragement to you today is this.

Let Him show you the big lid in your heart. We sometimes don’t even know what it means to open our hearts.  He does.

Trust Him to give all you need. He will not take advantage of you. He wants you to have more fulfilled and fruitful life.

Trust the people He gives you and know that it’s OK to be vulnerable.

Don’t wait unless you want to waste your life to take the hard way.




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